Planet Basemaps

Current, complete, and analysis-ready mosaics

Ultra Recent And Ready To Integrate

Power your applications and analytics with seamless Basemaps built from the most recent imagery over broad areas.

With daily, global imaging, Planet selects the best pixels and transforms them into visually consistent and scientifically accurate mosaics that empower time-series analysis and machine learning-powered analytics.


Actionable insights at the highest frequency

Monitor evolving landscapes and infrastructure over time and derive insights from advanced analytics over large regions. Select Basemaps give you the power to define what you need, where you need it, and how often – without sacrificing coverage or quality.

Select Visual Basemaps

  • Seasonally color-balanced, seamless, and cloud-free
  • Spatially accurate data, with minimized haze, light, and topographic effects
  • Suited for computer vision analytics

Select Surface Reflectance Basemaps

  • Optimized for pixel accuracy to empower quantitative analysis
  • Minimizes effects of atmosphere and sensor characteristics to reflect ground truth
  • Suited for a variety of vegetation indices, including NDVI, EVI, NDWI, & more