Ground truth clarity, continuous insight

Understand claims events in real-time with high cadence and high resolution imagery and analytics. Leverage daily monitoring and historical imagery to feed your pricing models, validate claims, and identify opportunity to tap into new markets.

Understand and model risk

Daily imagery and analysis enable insurers to better assess risk, improve actuarial modelling, and optimize claims payouts.

  • Identify trends and uncover patterns with global archive imagery since 2009
  • Leverage real-time imagery to inform premium and risk-load pricing models
  • Validate asset valuation, from retail parking to cargo lot coverage, with recent and high resolution imagery

Detect fraud and verify renewable assets

Planet provides insurance companies with real-time, broad area coverage to help detect change, identify fraudulent claims, and verify renewable assets.

  • Monitor policyholder assets and ensure that premiums are appropriately adjusted for new additions or changing environmental risks
  • Quantify the spread of disaster events to reduce fraud and efficiently distribute claims payouts to affected policyholders

Improve claims speed and accuracy

Daily monitoring and 24 hr imagery delivery enable insurance companies to assess and respond to claims events quickly and efficiently.

  • Use before and after imagery to assess damage and facilitate claims adjuster visits
  • Improve customer service with faster event response and claims payouts
  • Lower costs with desktop claims verification before deploying onsite resources


Planet 3m, 5m, and .8m resolution imagery captures a variety of assets and claim events that can feed your pricing models, valuation methodologies, and claims investigation protocols.