Finance & Business Intelligence


Find signal and corner the insights economy in real time with global, high cadence imagery and analytics. Uncover and validate potential investments, monitor strategic assets, and identify market opportunity and business risk before anyone else.

Anticipate the market

Planet’s unmatched global, daily dataset enables investment firms to find new forms of alpha among mainstream information feeds and quickly address changing markets.

  • Analyze retail signals including traffic patterns and car counts in parking lots
  • Identify early stage activity before company announcements or government data are made public
  • Monitor supply chain activity and estimate inventory in advance of industry reports

Monitor portfolio assets

By integrating traditional workflows with global, ground-truth data, the financial sector is better able to conduct diligence, monitor assets, and assess local risk at scale.

  • Contextualize and validate potential investments with ground-truth assessment
  • Monitor conditions, activity, and on-the-ground change near strategic assets
  • Assess ESG factors and considerations to enhance returns and manage risk

Analyze opaque markets

Daily revisit and global coverage enable investment firms to bridge information gaps and address activity in nontransparent markets and geographies.

  • Monitor commodities, inventory, activity, or construction in previously inaccessible areas
  • Validate or refute market rumors and drive better decisions with new visibility
  • React to global events and predict market effects with ground-truth knowledge