Defense & Intelligence


Planet pairs persistent global monitoring with low latency tasking to deliver early intelligence on shifting geopolitical landscapes. With Planet’s machine learning-based analytic feeds, intelligence groups can detect change and prioritize resources quickly based on actual need.

Daily, global situational awareness

Planet monitors Earth’s entire landmass and strategic maritime areas of interest every day at 3-5 meter resolution and can task collections of 72 centimeter imagery sub-daily.

  • Broad area search, including borders, remote geographies, and coastal waters
  • Deep imagery archive for analyzing indicators ahead of unexpected events
  • Reliable, cloud-free collections

Early detection of infrastructure change

Planet’s automated Road and Building Detection feeds can alert intelligence analysts to changes of buildings and roads in their area of interest. Subscription to these feeds reduce man hours searching for infrastructure change and anomalies.

  • Detect changes to buildings and roads over large regions or at the country-wide level.
  • Identify indicators of new activity to inform additional surveillance and reconnaissance
  • Update maps and charts with the most recent data

Persistent monitoring of ports and airfields

Planet’s automated aircraft and port vessel detection feeds fill intelligence gaps in plane and ship activity to enhance order of battle monitoring, pattern-of-life analysis, and indications and warnings monitoring.

  • Quantify vessels and planes to establish baseline activity and monitor for deviations and anomalies
  • Query specific ports and times of interest for unreported or unknown vessel and plane movements

Tip-and-cue for rapid allocation of resources

Planet’s imagery and analytics enable analysts to focus their attention on areas with significant activity and use limited resources more effectively, reducing inefficiencies and de-risking decision-making.

  • Communicate faster within and across mission activities
  • Task higher resolution assets based on Planet’s detections or object counts
  • Integrate Planet imagery and analytics with proprietary and third-party data