Planet Tasking


Equipped with near-infrared, and video capabilities, Planet’s SkySat fleet can revisit any point on Earth at 72 cm resolution and sub-daily revisit, higher frequency than any other commercial hi res imagery provider.

High revisit, low latency

Planet’s fleet of 13 SkySats provides customers faster revisit, lower latency, and higher prioritization to enable rapid content acquisition and intelligence.

  • Very high resolution imaging, at 72 centimeter GSD
  • Rapid response and delivery
  • High revisit with collections as frequent as twice-daily

Video, and off-nadir imaging

In addition to traditional RGB and NIR imaging, Planet’s SkySat constellation also offers unique collection options.

  • Video: Capture hi res video for pattern of life monitoring and 3D modeling
  • Off-nadir imaging: Capture imagery at the angles you need with flexible tasking

Rapid response and tip-and-cue

When paired with PlanetScope Monitoring or other intelligence, customers can cue SkySat tasking with greater precision and confidence.

  • Content validation and intelligence with sub-meter resolution detail
  • Imagery may be tasked in as few as 12 hours upon request
  • Coming soon: Machine-to-machine tasking workflows and integrations