Planet’s fully-automated, cloud-based imagery platform downloads, processes, and manages 5+ terabytes of data every day. Built for speed and affordability, our platform enables customers to build tools, ingest data, and run analytics at scale.

Fully-automated imagery processing

Planet’s imagery pipeline corrects for a variety of factors and delivers analysis-ready data, without costly post-processing or manual intervention.

  • Orthorectification removes collection geometry, pointing error, and terrain variability distortions
  • Radiometric corrections correct for sensor artifacts and transformation to at-sensor radiance
  • Top- and bottom-of-atmosphere corrections reduce spectral inconsistency across time and location

Cloud-based access, speed, and scale

Access and manage data online. Our platform is built to be fast and intuitive, enabling you to run analytics and extract information at scale.

API-first integration and download

Programmatically search and download from our 6+ petabyte catalog with Planet’s API, built on accepted REST, JSON, and HTTP standards.

  • Ingest only the imagery and associated GeoJSON metadata you need
  • Build atop Planet’s API and easily integrate imagery into your tools and workflows
  • Set up custom notifications and get alerts when new imagery appears in the catalog