Civil Government


Upgrade the geospatial foundation behind your tools and applications with high resolution, high-frequency imagery. Analyze urban growth, monitor vegetation, and map areas of interest with a current picture of changing conditions on the ground.

Manage agriculture, forests, and natural resources

With daily, visible and near-IR imagery, governments and supporting agencies can monitor ecosystems and write policies to address environmental change.

  • Map and monitor health of watersheds, water bodies, and hydro systems throughout the year
  • Measure vegetative health, forest conditions, and agricultural performance
  • Analyze conservation areas, wildlife habitats, and land use patterns to inform regulations

Monitor infrastructure growth and urbanization

Planet’s high-frequency revisit and integration with popular GIS tools make it easy to map, monitor, and analyze new development and changing ground conditions.

  • Identify and monitor new transit infrastructure and construction projects
  • Analyze urbanization distribution, city growth, and human activity at monthly frequency or better
  • Monitor urban, vegetative, and geological sites of interest for regulatory compliance

Respond to disasters quickly and efficiently

Daily monitoring and timely imagery delivery ensure that governments, agencies, and first responders can quickly process and respond to natural disasters.

  • Receive and ingest imagery of the affected area within 24 hours of a catastrophe event
  • Analyze before-and-after imagery to assess damage and map spread
  • Detect change, identify road blockages, and effectively deploy on-the-ground resources