Planet Analytic Feeds

Transforming imagery to insights

Harness the Power of Imagery

Frequent, global imagery is a powerful source of truth. But harnessing that data can be challenging, even for the most seasoned users, and manual, time-intensive approaches often fall short.

Planet Analytic Feeds leverage deep learning to identify objects and features of interest from Planet imagery at global scale, empowering you to prioritize resources and act with the most recent insights available.


Unlock deeper insights from Planet imagery by leveraging a suite of Planet Analytic Feeds.

Building Detection

  • Update maps and charts
  • Monitor infrastructure and construction
  • Track urban growth

Road Detection

  • Update maps and charts
  • Improve routing of fleets and resources
  • Get competitive intelligence in remote locations

Planet Monitoring

Detect and quantify ships on a daily basis with Vessel Detection Feed applied to PlanetScope Monitoring.

Vessel Detection

  • Monitor patterns of life
  • Fill in data gaps
  • Identify vessels that have gone dark


Planet’s unprecedented dataset of imagery across the globe gives you the power to leverage our Analytic Feeds anywhere in the world and backward in time with our deep historical archive.

Our global scale means we can deliver analytics off-the-shelf, no custom builds, so you can expedite your analysis. You choose an area, the time period, and we do the work to get you the insights you need.