Emergency Management


Accelerate disaster response with daily, high resolution imagery. Mitigate risk, get situational awareness, and improve recovery with before, during, and after disaster imagery, anywhere on Earth.

Get situational awareness, on-demand

Our program offers government, commercial, and non-profit organizations flexible monitoring options to deliver the necessary data when disaster strikes.

  • Choose from always-on monitoring by region, or event-activated monitoring anywhere in the world
  • Access analysis-ready, pre-processed data within 24 hours of capture
  • Easily ingest Planet imagery into your tools and workflows with our simple API

Monitor disasters at global scale

Planet’s daily, global monitoring serves as a critical information source, enabling emergency management professionals to act precisely and quickly.

  • Identify damage extents and evaluate access to critical infrastructure
  • Direct response efforts with sub-meter resolution detail
  • Plan and monitor recovery operations as events unfold

Drive recovery and build resilience

Planet’s imagery archive and daily collections enable informed action across the disaster risk-response-recovery-resilience continuum.

  • Understand and mitigate disaster risk exposures, before they occur
  • Improve modeling, and understand adaptation with archive imagery since 2009
  • Drive long-term recovery with continuous monitoring