Forestry & Land Use


Monitor and manage forest assets and operations, track changes in land use and land cover, improve REDD+ MRV, localize deforestation in near-real time with high cadence, high resolution imagery.

Optimize your timber harvest operations

Use Planet’s best-in-class imagery to streamline your harvest operations for planning, auditing and inventory updating

  • Leverage sub-1m multispectral SkySat imagery to accurately digitize harvest boundaries
  • Coordinate all your global hi-resolution imagery needs through one provider
  • Gain certainty around imagery delivery times and reduce other manual efforts to acquire data

Monitor and manage forest assets and operations

Analyze your regions of interest, detect change, and derive timely insights to improve your forest operations and manage forest health.

  • Monitor and assess the spread and impact of disease and other significant changes in forest health with RGB and NIR imagery
  • Detect and analyze change over time for reporting and inventory assessment using monthly or quarterly cloud-free basemaps.
  • Assess the impact of disasters, including wildfires, flooding and hurricanes in the immediate aftermath using high-frequency imagery

Improve REDD+ Measurement, Reporting, and Verification

Achieve unmatched accuracy, efficiency, and capacity gains in REDD+ MRV with high resolution, wall-to-wall coverage and historical archive.

  • Move from sample-based estimations to broad-area land classification
  • Detect forest canopies and estimate carbon stocks and emissions at scale
  • Identify deforestation trends since 2009 to assess and manage at-risk areas

Detect deforestation and changes in land use

Identify deforestation activity and enforce land use laws in near real time with Planet’s high cadence, global imagery.

  • Track illegal events, such as large-scale deforestation or selective logging, with high frequency 3.7m monitoring imagery
  • Contextualize changes in land cover with historical imagery through 2009
  • Map changing land use patterns with monthly cloud-free coverages