Planet Monitoring


With 150+ satellites in orbit, Planet is able to image anywhere on Earth daily at 3 meter and 72 centimeter resolution. Monitor your areas of interest, discover patterns, and deliver timely insights.

Daily revisit and time series analysis

Increase transparency, get historical context, and understand what’s happening on the ground with daily imagery of your areas of interest.

  • Access 360M+ sq km of daily imagery to monitor extensive and distributed AOIs
  • Analyze trends with our PlanetScope (2009) and SkySat (2014) archives
  • Monitor broad-area change and cue high resolution assets for additional detail

Platform and integrations

Planet’s global dataset is refreshed daily and packaged for easy data integrations. Imagery can be accessed and ingested easily through our platform.

  • Access pre-processed, analysis-ready imagery
  • Easily integrate Planet data into your existing workflows with Planet APIs
  • Pre-program analyses and assess change as new data comes available

Monitoring at scale

Target areas of strategic importance or survey entire nations with a monitoring program that supports the scale and frequency your solution demands.

  • Obtain ground-truth data for every area, industry, and environment
  • Oversee vital assets and global supply chains in opaque regions or markets
  • Survey change across broad areas at scale to inform on-the-ground operations and decisions


PlanetScope and SkySat Monitoring programs can be tailored to fit your needs.

Always-on, broad-area monitoring

  • Image everywhere, every day
  • 3 meter resolution
  • RGB and NIR bands
  • Archive available since 2009
  • Maritime monitoring also available

Custom, targeted monitoring

  • Image anywhere, up to twice-daily
  • 72 centimeter resolution
  • RGB, NIR, and Pan bands
  • Archive available since 2014